Welcome to the CloudRealms Store! Here you can show your support by donating and getting unique perks and goodies on the server. By purchasing a package you are supporting the server and helping us run it. 

Where does the money go?

Everything goes to keep the server running! We do not profit from purchases made to the server. By donating you are helping us provide for the expenses and features we provide you.

How long does my product last?

We recommend that you read the product carefully. Products that do not last forever will be labeled as such. We do not set a timer on permanent products.

I bought the wrong product or want my money back!

In the event that you want your money back, we recommend that you contact CloudRealms support immediately. You can do so on our discord: In the event that you want a refund, we do not offer such. Products bought are permanent and final, but exceptions can be made.